About the FBA

The Frenchman Bay Association


The Frenchman Bay Association is a community-based group composed of residents and former residents.

The Association’s primary purpose, embodied in its constitution,  is to represent and promote community interest in the local physical and social environment.

The Association was formed in 1992 in response to proposals to turn a large section of a fragile dune and wetland area into a resort hotel and golf course.

The Association supports development for tourism providing it is sustainable and sensitive to the environmental and heritage values. We believe we have an obligation to not only preserve but also to share this locality with visitors from Albany and other parts of the world. This is one of the main reasons we have built this website.

Frenchman Bay is located in an internationally significant biodiversity hotspot.  It is blessed with stunning scenery and is the documented site of the first landings of European explorers and scientists on the south-western coastline of Australia.


We welcome all new members. Please contact us for any additional information using the contact email address on this website.

Family Membership is $20.00 & Individuals $10.00.

Please provide names, postal and email addresses, and send with payment to:

The Treasurer, FBA, PO BOX 1714, Albany WA 6331